Manufacturers Of Wire Wound Resistors, Resistors, Resistor, Silicon Coated Resistors, power Resistors, Mumbai, India

Manufactures Of Aluminium Housed Resistors, Braking Resistors, Resistors, Battery Discharge Load Bank, High Power Resistors, Load Resistors,
Power Resistors.

  Manufacturers Of Wire Wound Resistors, Resistors, Silicon Coated Resistors, Power Resistors, Mumbai, India  

Silicone Coated Radial Resistors
Aluminum Housed - Power Resistors
Aluminum Housed - Braking Resistors
Battery Discharge Load Bank
High Power Silicone Coated Resistors
Flat Silicone Coated Resistors
High Voltage High Power Resistors
Punched Grid Resistance Box For Cranes
Wire Wound With Enclosure Braking Resistors
Initiated operation by providing speed control solution that are custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the domestic fans industry, "K2 Engineers" is a leading manufactures of a wide range of WIRE WOUND RESISTORS maintaining consistent quality since 1998.

High quality standard and special solution from "K2" ensure our customers high performance resistors when they are dealing electrical equipments in machines, processors and projects. "K2"can supply standard, custom or totally designed resistor solution for any application from a few watts up to  several kilowatts. We design and produce resistors and resistor combinations exactly to meet your requirements.

Our quality management and meeting delivery schedules ensure that the service we offer is second to none. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we endeavor to provide you with the highest value, best quality and top service.


"K2 Engineers" will strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality and integrity in all the aspects of it's operations and to continue to satisfy the expectations of our customers in respect of all the products and service offered.
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